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Wireless Audio Speaker - Oaxis Bento Review

Wireless Audio Speaker - Oaxis Bento Review

Hello to all supporters of Hippos Store, we are glad to launch the first issue of the Hippos Product Review!

We are going to do product review on a regular basis so that from time to time, when there is new product available, be it on Hippos Store or elsewhere, we will be able to provide a clear and neutral opinion about the product. Hopefully by doing this, you guys will have a better idea about the pros and cons about the product, at least you all will be knowing what kind of products are you paying for!

Well the very first product featured is Oaxis Bento!

Currently it is listed under Hippos Store, selling at S$89. Available in both Black color and White color option.

Access here if you would like to go for purchase directly.

If you have no idea what exactly Bento is, you might want to take a look at below video introduction. The video is muted for viewing pleasure. Please click herefor more details.

First of all, Bento is one of key product*s* promoted by Oaxis (founded 2012). It offers innovative products, including awards winning InkCase i7 which, InkCase Ivy and the upcoming InkCase i7 Plus

Well let us take a closer look at Bento for this round!

So what are the key features for Bento? Since hassle-free is one of its key selling point, it basically requires no pairing or cable connection for it to work. However if user choose to connect with cable, the 3.5mm audio jack port is available too. Next, its audio propagation is 360 degree omnidirectional, it means that one will be able to hear the same sound quality regardless of which direction of the user sitting from the product. For its charging capability by its microUSB charging technology, the battery will be able to last for about 6 hours from full charged state.

Thanks to JimsReviewRoom, he has done a thorough product review video for better understanding about the advantages and disadvantages that we are going to list below. The video below has been muted for your viewing pleasure. Alternatively you may access the video here:

We strongly felt that the great point about this product is that it requires no wire/pairing connection, this is a perfect choice for conference call and business travellers that seeking for truly wireless solution, no Bluetooth, no NFC and no Wi-Fi is required. Its cutting edge sound induction technology is another key features that attract us simply it only requires you to place the loud speaker mode activated smartphone on it to work. All you need is just a Bento and a smartphone with loudspeaker mode available. Forget about tangling cables, pairing issues and etc. Speaking of its price, it can be considered as lower price range by comparing to similar types of products available in the market, i.e. definitely worth the value for the money compared to what you get.As far as we know it works with most of the known brands of smartphones, so compatibility would not be a problem at all. Due to its target environment is for small-medium sized room with low background noise, its sound is projected well within small range. So it is a great choice for business meetings,teleconference, calls, Podcasts and other purposes.

While having all the great features, it still carry certain drawbacks, Sound quality. If you are looking for speaker that projects high quality music, you might want to consider other options as Bento is more applicable to plug and play situation like amplifying an urgent call to the attendees in a meeting or teleconference. Certain feedback from user also reviewed that Bento's physical material is prone to fingerprints.

Although its working mechanism is simple, its induction technology still requires user to adjust the smartphone to the right position for the sound level to be amplified at maximum.

So to conclude this review, we would like to say that this is a good value for money product for a basic speaker as functional for most of the business occasions. Certain minor drawbacks might require user to be more careful with their choice, before deciding which product is the best choice for them.

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